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We Sell Retro Games & Anime Products At the Best Prices

We Sell Authentic Video Games & Officially Licensed Anime & Gaming Products. We Try To Keep Pricing As Low as We Possibly Can To Provide You All The Best Deals Possible! Check Out Our Anime Products Here :)

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Want to Just Play Your Favorites For Cheaper?

We have systems that are cosmetically flawed and damaged that work just fine, so we have discounted them accordingly. They will play perfectly, so if you would rather save extra and put that into more games have at it, we have these just for you :)

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  • About Us

    We Are A Small Business Located in Sacramento, CA of 6 People That Are Dedicated Gaming & Anime Lovers. We Are Very Passionate About Retro Gaming, New Gen, and All Kinds Of Anime! We Are Trying Very Hard to Make Something In This Niche, And Try To Give the Best Prices We Can With The Best Service Possible. Please Support Us, As We Would Love to Build Something Great Together. Each Purchase Really Helps Our Staff Out, As They Work Very Hard To Make Sure Your Items Arive Clean, Safe & Fast.

    About Us 
  • Refurbishing

    We Clean Systems Very Well and Pack Them Very Safely So Your Order Comes In Great! Our Tech Replaces Parts in Systems When Necessary to Make Sure They Will Last In The Long Haul! Our Discs are Resurfaced to Remove Deep Scratches And Make Game Playable again! We Provide A Free 120 Day Warrenty On All Products Sold

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  • Shipping & Customer Support

    Most Items Ship Same Day, And Arrive Within 3-5 Business Days in the Lower 48 States. Our Handhelds Are Shipped Via Fedex 2 Day Shipping, So They Arrive Very Fast! If We Have Opportunities to Speed Up Shipping For Customers At No Cost to You All We Will Notify Right Away!

    If There Are Any Issues With Tracking or Post Purchase, Please Reach Out To Us So We Can Resolve Quick! We do Allow 30 Day Free Returns :)

    Shipping & Return Information