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The Top 10 PlayStation 2 Video Games to Play

The Top 10 PlayStation 2 Video Games The PlayStation 2 is the biggest selling console of all time and while that is impressive. Even more impressive is its catalog of games. Today I am picking out the best 10 games for the PlayStation 2! To make things fair, only one entry per franchise is allowed. Number 10 Time Splitters 2 (2002) For some reason, not many people think of great first person shooters and the PS2 in the same thought. However, there were some great first person shooter games on the PS2 like Time Splitters 2. This is the best...

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How to Guide on Throwing Video Game Tournaments in Your Local Area

Here is a how to guide on how you can throw video game tournaments. Retro games or newer games it is all possible. People play games competitively, and really like to have a space where they can battle against the best people in the area to improve or show their skills. Heck, people drove 2 hours away from my venue just to play.

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How to Repair/Fix A PlayStation 2 Console (Fat) Disc Read Error Easily!

It happens. Your console has been locked away for almost a decade and the sudden nostalgic gamer impulse has kicked in. Any gamer knows this impulse can only be tamed by satisfying its hunger. And any gamer knows there is no worse buzz kill then plugging in your console to find out it doesn't read discs! Well no need to scavenge around the internet any longer for the solution. I have repaired so many of these that it has become second nature (yes the owner of this online video game store likes to repair consoles).  Let's keep the wordiness out of...

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