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GG Retro Gaming

GG Retro Import Club (Please Read Before Buying)

GG Retro Import Club (Please Read Before Buying)

Subscribe and save options have 3 plans, monthly, semi annual and annual. These plans do have reoccuring billing!

GG Retro Gaming Import Club is our subscription service!

By joining our program for $9.99  a month, we will send you a free import video game every month. You will also receive 10% off any items that are pre ordered!

By joining our program for 14.99  a month, you will receive the same as above, and you will also be given a 10% personalized discount code for anything purchased from the store, and a 15% discount on pre ordering products coming in!

We have made the transiton to sell imported games in order to save people large sums of money on the games that they want to play. 

By joining our subscription service, you are taking a part in our journey to make gaming much more affordable for all! We will reach out to your email after purchase to find out what systems interest you the most, and cator to your needs! We will need your shipping information and will reach out for that too via email!

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Customers' Common Questions

Are Our Games Functional?

Each Disc Is Resurfaced to Remove Deep Scratches To Ensure Functionality in The Long Haul. Any Issues, 30 Day Free Returns Are Available to All :)

Are Our Systems Working?

Our Refurbished Systems Are Cleaned From The Inside Out, Tested & Restored By Our Staff. Our Tech Will Install New Parts In Systems If Necessary To Make Sure Your Systems Work In the Long Haul! Systems Also Carry A 120 Day Warrenty, and 30 Day Free Returns Is Provided As Well!

How Quick Do Items Ship?

Items Generally Ship Same Business Day And Arive Withing 3-5 Business Days. Handhelds Ship Via 2 Day shipping, So They Arrive Even Quicker!

Pre Owned Vs Refurbished Systems?

Our Pre Owned Systems Are Cleaned, Tested and Working, But Do Not Go Through the Intensive Refurbishing Process. This is Because They May have Scratches & Scuffs On the Exterier That Cannot Be Removed, So We Sell These At A Lower Price Than Our Refurbished!

What is Local Pickup?

We have a Local Warehouse in the Sacramento, CA Area, So Those Who Reside Here Can Pick Up in Store! We Will Send A Notification When The Item is Ready. If You Are Not Located in The Area, Please Choose Ship At Checkout.